Neighborhood Roots Food CollectiveGuilford, VT

Neighborhood Roots Food Collective exists to support community members and local farmers in growing the food that we eat, while helping to ensure that all of our neighbors have access to nourishing, locally-produced food.

Local food is a community effort! We're raising funds to cover the annual operating costs of the Guilford Food Hub, which supports local farmers & helps make local food convenient and affordable for everyone in our community. Please consider donating to keep this program running.

Food is more than just what we eat.

It's about Relationships.

With our neighbors, with our farmers, with the land.

It's about Sharing with and Caring for one another.

It's about Empowerment and Security.

Knowing we can feed ourselves. Right. Here.

Good food shouldn't be a privilege, it's for ALL of us.

Growing, Sharing, Preserving, Enjoying, Empowering, Together


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